Prostatic Urolift, or simply Urolift, is a minimally invasive treatment for men with bothersome urinary symptoms that are attributed to an enlarged prostate (BPH/LUTS). It is one of the many treatment options offered at Magic Valley Urology for BPH/LUTS. 

Small clips are placed in the prostate to keep it open while voiding. The result is improvement in urine flow, bladder emptying, less urgency and frequency, and less waking up at night to urinate. 

Urolift is a minor procedure completed in the operating room (or even in the clinic for some patients). Men go home immediately after the procedure. 80% of men leave the procedure without a catheter, an appealing aspect to Urolift compared to other treatments for BPH/LUTS. 

Magic Valley Urology is a Center of Excellence for Urolift. This means we have been certified in the number of Urolift procedures we do, as well as our outcomes begin equal to or better than expected.